One Of a Kind

yo check it this kid just spit a unreversable rhyme

but he doesn't anything about my kind

i'm a crazy mutha fucka i stand up and spit

and anybody who comes up to me with a mic is going to get hit

you talked about my clothes being a lil baggy

and wearing a white tanktop like eminem

talked about me like i was related to vanilla ice

but this battle i'm about to win

you just created another deadly sin

your messing with the wrong city

i don't neeed to rip on you to get pitty

so all i have to do is get on the mic and spit

about this kid his mind

you tried to battle me man i'm one of a kind

your messing with a taller person shit your not even my size

your just a lil kid hell maybe 13 years old

you better watch your mouth

before i shove my foot in your asshole

worse then how lil bow wow shouted the chords a lil higher

wat r u goiung to do when the limo driver gets out

bow wow ow ow ow in your mouth

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok Spit into the microphone and then replayed and written

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