His Way

yo can you you feel the distance of another broken dream

can u find out what the hell it is to society it doesn't mean

the understanding is  over baring and caring little boy just can't stop  stearing

cuz the kids jumping off the edge and he forgets what his parents said

he use to be up and  now he looking down on the rocks

a boy who just watched his dad get beat by the mob

never had a place to forget always delt with peoples shit

his mind is twisted his rhymes are wack

don't fucking judge this kid or he will shoot you in the back

it really doesnt matter it's his over coming days

once he pulls out the gun they will all forget his name

his pain it's all a game the shame he faced each day gone

over baring not caring still staring with agravation

this is no movie this is true annilation

your over baring whats wrong with you

why you are about to quit this shit

thought you had an easy battle when my name is explicit

you just a washed up peice of shit get the battle it's time you learn

how to raie the saddle..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spit Into the Microphone then listened to and written for your pleasure

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