His Mind

yo this kid remember what he said

he doesn't know anything about being forcefed

i'm telling this kid who wants to get up and ryhme

you don't know anything about me so don't waste your time

he is trying to spit he can't think straight if this was a religoius battle i'd have to say he lost his fate

this kid might as well go play in his dipers

he be messing with the explicit aka sniper shit

i'll take your own hands and beat uself to death

i'm up on stage and i am proud fighting

all the ryhmes you say are probally all ur best writtings

you might as well quit drop the mic and walk away

your nothing but a wannabeee ludacris

i'm trying not to die laughing cuz i know ur gay

your trying to hide your face from shame

you can't even come up with good word play

or a stage name to win thiss battle and be good at the game

so u might as well go back to the street

so you don't up another mc in defeat

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spit right into the microphone then listened to and wrote it down

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