Sarah's Choice (new)

Sarah Choice

Sarah sits in her room

holding a joint

deciding weather or not to smoke it

Anything is everything

sarah sits in her room

holding the joint in one hand

she looks into her life

trying to finger out what to do

Just drop it on the bedroom floor

this will be over in a day

Everything seems to make her mad

Her parents just think it's a fad

anything she does makes the world despise her

So what will she do next

holding up a lighter in the other hand

closer and closer she gets

witht he tears in her eyes

of the fear and regret

She tries to let her anger slip away

she tries to let her pain fade

what can she do

and how fast can she run

who is this girl

holding the gun

She says to herself

I got nothing to lose

the call on the phone

relieves her from getting stoned

Sarah it;s not your fault

a voice chills down her back

when she thought no one would love her

Her boyfriend came back

he was on a vacation for about 3 months

now that he is pack into her life

Drugs don't exist

Thanks to the call Sarah is Straight..

Her boyfriend saved her before it was to late

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sarah Had a Choice and because of one person her life is straight.

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