Too Much Rage (Inside a mosh Pit

so here it goes the light keeps staying on

the smoke clears but still the alarm goes off

this is the chance for you to re arange

get in the pit and feel someone elses pain

clock stops and your heart keeps beating

one punch and it's you that is bleeding

on the floor you want some more

get up off the ground and take a look

before you split  just another dumb chump with a busted lip

so here it goes  the pain keeps sneaking up

the wound heels but you still don't give a fuck

what your doing now is in the crowd

RAGE!!!Rage!!! RAGE!!! Rage!!! RAGE!!  Rage!!!

get inside the pit and create more Pain!!

so i take my only escape

i try to breath from the scene

i wake around i'm stepping out

i laughed to hard

and now i got scars

scars to remind me of how sick i am really am!!

come down and take a chance don't be a chump this is not a fucking dance

ahaha i faught for where i am today  

clock stops and your adrenalin keeps pumping

a kick to the face and it's the blood that is running down your face and on your shirt, it may not hurt now but when you get home, you will feel more pain, but you have to love Rage!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Think About Moshpits. You go in have fun and then have to face the next day lol Scars

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