Life 4 Life

There is a homeless man pacing around the streets

this man is so poor he doesn't have any money to eat

he just walks around town in his bare feet

raggity clothes that he found at the salvation army

a mans life that was obviously taken from him

he's all alone doesn't have a home and can't live his fairytale dream

he begs for spare change in fear of getting hit in the face

or beaten up in an alley by some thugs gangstas that take the only money he had left

bloody and beaten  he lays with wiskey on his breath

The only man who believes he failed gods test

a man who hates poverty polictics and all those mother fuckers who are always rich

He goes into a 7-11 with a dollar he just found

he asked the clerk for a scratch off ticket hoping to win

he scratches it off and reads sorry please try again

A bottle of vodka is his only bestfriend

he just praises to god to end all his msery

he sits outside of stores watch tv displays until the store owner comes and and sprays him in the face

Now blinded and he can't see he stumbles into a pile of bootlegged dvds and falls down in pain people walk by and think damn what a shame

he is just 34 and living in a cardboard box next to a pale skinny crackhead asking for more rock

or hearing him begging to suck someones yeah well you get the point looking at all the potheads lowlifes smoking a joint

This isn't who he use to be he had a home lots of money and a family

but sh*t went down hill his 2 sons were gunned down and his wife ended her life swollowed the death pill not once but 10 times now it seems like he can't survive

So one day he found spare change headed to the bus stop and decided to wait for bus 359 before he could sit down he heard pop pop pop pop he felt a pain in his chest his heart stopped he seen god up in the sky united with his family

he relized he has finally died


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Now yo i need to express just one concern
seems like a lesson learned, a tragic end may change your life so put down the guns and put away the knife think before you react because you could be the next name written on a plaque
True Life Shelshocka 4 Life....."

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