So Hard to Say Goodbye

I close the door

as we say goodbye

I locked the door

It;s so hard not to cry

You walked down the steps

I know your going to miss me

so I head to bed

remembering when you kissed me

All I think about is you

Your smiling face

Your beautiful eyes

Ohh I wish we didn't have to say Goodbye

I wish i could hold you in my arms

Just one more time

Oh for someone who i just met today

It's very hard to let you walk away

I'll always remember

that kiss that you gave

you took me to a romantic place

All I wanna do is hold you

kiss you and make u mine

It's only been 6 days since ur gone

And i miss you so much

Yeah I miss you, And i know you miss me too

Just let me kiss you one more time

It's so hard to say GOODBYE

Written For Michelle 6/5/2005

See you soon

~Elliot J Bush~

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a girl I met that cheered my up when i was down,Thank you

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