Extreme Freestyle

The Habitat-Rap

Extreme Freestyle

Unique-allright man yeah yeah

it's almost done here and were about to rap this bitch up


Unique-Shelshocka gone and shock the shit out of you all

Shelshocka-Shocked you to the bone

Unique Spit until the fucking shelf fell off

Shelshocka Yeah you can't fuck with this

Unique-yeah What were about to do is run and let him laying down 1 more time

Shelshocka 1 more time ya all

Unique this is how it goes yo bring that shit on

Shelshocka-oh yeah

the beat is kicking

you might as well throw the finger and stomp out in a fit

think about everyone who is making me sick

it's these players who call the girls ho's

and know one knows it hurts those who call out loud in the crowd

where my bitches at and you better shake that booty

i'm sick of this disrespectful trip

stick there balls in a vice grip

start a fire with there own zippo lighter

until they slip and get there balls squished tigther and tighter


this is my battle my ryhme don't call me a gangsta i'm more inclined

Unique okay

line for line and drug for drug i don't need that shit i only show love-

unique Damn that hurt huh



Unique Yeah

this is the beat that keeps pumping

so everybody just keep on dancing

no need for lies or gangsta minds

yo everybody get down and dance

let lose

this is the trip the game ready to play no one talks wrong about shelshock

i'll leave you shot up like 2 pac shot in the leg like 50 cent walk with a limp

he belongs in a crib this g unit got ur brain raw like a chainsaw i'll skin your lyrics alive

live or die my motto to hip hop you arent anything but a blood spot once you sign it's your death wish

except i'm back in a middle diss try defeat me you'll all get hit

take back everything that u got

gotta run my way to feel my spot

i gotta ride the wave to untie the knot

cuz i hit the jumps and i keep flowing

i'm a engine loaded with alot of fuel

shelshock boca in ya eye come out my game see if you survive

operation awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

because thats the way i play this game

when i walk up now it's with rhythem and fame

i like to last and i like to bash heads in

I like to be psychotic and twisted

Because everbody finds me misunderstood

thats because i grew up 18 years in pembroke in their naighboorhood

i use to get beat up jump constantly had so many people arested

i got got sick and tired i need somewhere to complex

I could even go in the park without getting beat up

because everyone said yo he's a white he an't nothing he's a loser

he's weak yeah i got beat up in the streets i got thrown down and burned with a ciggaret

i got stabbed in the back with a pencil but then again i find that shit suspensful

So don't act like you know me and don't act like you can judge me

because i might come up behind ya and shock ya because i'm shelshocka

shelshock right to your head block down your hands bite your lip your dead

cell up all the people who trianed to gain back all the mistrust they through at me

Fucking people spreading rumors your the pussy

I'm sick of going to work and hearing people lie

I'm sick and tired of these rumors these fuckers better start to cry

I'm sick and tired of this damn stupid bitch her fucking kid is a little snitch

I'll tell you how i'd like to tatse the game and take back everything who wants to steal my fame

I'm sick and tired of these people spreading shit

I'm sick tired of hearing about divorces and wives who don't like there husbands

so they hire a man to kill them

Sick of seein these damn lifetime shows that don't mean anything and i wanna blow

sick and tired of fullhouse sick and tired of people telling me to watch my fucking mouth

sick and tired doing the breakdancing and everyone laughing like i'm fucking hanson

My name doesn't begin with an H it begins with an S

Suck this it doesn't really matter because i'm the best if you wanna try to get me alone i can deal the test

build it up i'm sick and tired of that yo so you might as well just hear me rap

i'm a freestyle champion backdown i use to run around in the naighboorhood i use to be in the whole damn crowd

i use to go to school i use to battle kids until they finally relized where the fuck i lived

Yo you live in the ghetto yeah i grew up in the ghetto

I grew up pay check by paycheck i grew up with no house i grew up in an apartment

I grew up with dirt on the floor I grew up with all my parents and i grew up around war

gun shots and drug dealing it made me so sick

now i own my own with my brother my family thats the way i want to live with a goodjob working making a living

So are you willing to take away someone who is willing to give everything that he made

why do you think i go to karaoke and make everybody know my name

You can say my name outloud you can get in the crowd and stand up and shout

but guess what you better not doubt shelshocka i'm come back and knock ya

this is the shit that makes everyone want to scream

they never thought a white boy could freestyle

rocking it and them you want to try to discriminate and say oh he learned it from watching 8 mile

no ever since I knew how to write i use to talk i use to sing i use to write little rhymes about me

yo the first one was yo my name is blank and i am here to say i play nintendo in everway

thats so old but that is how  i use to live my life

Never had to worry about being stabbed with a knife

so it's suspensful you want a ryhtem of fame come play my game

and if you think your all down you better not steal my tane

because this is my fame it;'s my name my power

I thank unique for giving me the chance to live my dream

I think it sucks  i think it sucks that everyone tries to dis on me

Sick and tired of people walking up to me on the street

you don't know what it is like

this is how it is

it's doesn't matter what you say you have to do it in your own damn way

it doesn't matter what you do if you want it done you have to have no clue

you have to walk in the street game and enter like no one knows your name

you have to be heard you have to make calls after calls after calls

you got to drop the bomb you have to make them understand you

because you know what they still got no clue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is off my rap album bringng it down...

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