I want To Be Your Baby

Do you think i can be what you want?

Do you think my personality will fit?

Do you think of me when you’re lonely?

Do you cry when your sad like me?

If your not alone then why does my heart keep these tears

If you’re not alone

Then why do you wish i were here?

I’m just an angel holding on to you

I know it seems so hard

But baby we can make it through

No matter what they say

No matter how hard we cry

There is always going to be the question can it be you and I

I said could it be you and I,

I know your waiting for the telephone to ring

I know your hoping i am everything

You see some times i think about my life

And if you here would i be so lonely

And would tears be streaming down from my eyes,

Would you still believe in a happy lullaby?

Do you think of me, like i am think of you?

Do we stare out the same window

Do watch the same shows do you know if i am here

Tell me do you know

I’m thinking about you baby, and i hope you think about me

Do you laugh when something is funny?

I just want to know is there you and I.I.I

Just wan be your baby, yes I.I.I

Just wanna be your baby Cause I,

Yes I wanna be your baby....

Yes I tonight wanna be your baby.uh oh oh oh

Wanna be your baby oh oh oh hoo wanna be your.baby

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can I be Your Baby is a awesome poem i wrote to tell a girl how i felt and what i want in life..

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