"I Still Care"

Just Scream It Out

she said she is sorry for what she did

3 years now I can forget

if I make her happy

and she still has feelings for me

then why should I be so un-happy

I remember the nights when it was dark and cold

you gave me your shirt to wear

I placed it  above my pillow

and it felt like you where there

Now 3 years went bye

and we had a couple relationships that died

some times we took to much shit

and we walked away WE JUST SPLIT!!!

Now out of the blue you came into my life

I still have feelings for you

I won't forget all the wonderful things we did

To have another night with you

Oh she gives me butterflies

when I first met her in class

the first telephone call

it was a question asking if we had math home work

and I said no then all sudden her crush started to show

6 months and 3 days seems so into place

if I could only be with you

and keep you safe with me

keep you safe with me

If I could only hold you close to me

Because I Still Care About you

Yes I do  I still care!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes I do  I still care!!!

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