"GoodBye Lover

Just Scream It Out

Goodbye lover

hello friend

its sad to see

your leaving again

so lets take these memories

of you and I and let them fade away

you will be strong

you will be fine

together we are better

off apart in this time

Goodbye lover

hello friend

it's sad to see

your leaving again

it happened again

We though to soon

We jumped too fast

didn;t expect this

old relationship to Last

Hey Oh ohhhh ooooh yeah

Memories of our time

when we use to look at the stars

and i would look into your eyes

Now your leaving and i don;t know why

But all i can say is

Goodbye Lover

Hello Friend

Maybe we'll meet sometime again

Oh yeah good bye

Goodbye Lover

Hello New Friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sitting at the bar drinking your pain away not sure how to say goodbye.So you drink until you forget

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