Story Of Love

Story of love

Last night you came into my life again

the days were long and I cried wondering

if I should be on the outside

she said don't ever show me what I have lost

all of a sudden she ran out the door

Run away run away

another day went bye

I wasn't self assure

I went down on my depression

I know a diry word

run away run away

she left and turned her back again

said goodbye to all her friends

I came home one day there was violence right away

I read your letter it said goodbye

I don't want to see you

because I am ruining your life

I run away I run away

i run away to prevent you from pain

How many miles does she run away

run away run away from her shame

Years went bye i'm 25 and your still not out of my mind

You called me up out the blue

it was the first time i talked to you

since you ran away

You said I got a surprise and i'm not going to lie

Because i am having your child

yes your going to be a father you'll see

I spoke into the phone said baby your not alone

I like to see you I want to marry you

the date is august 16 the day that were going to get married

you walked down that ile carrying my child

and I came down to my bride

I said I do

and you just ran away

Ran away Ran away

but this time I chased after you

kissed you on the lips and said hunny we will make it through

now is it my only imagination

or am I growing stronger

you said I give all my love to thee

and you finished your words with

I won't run away I won't run away in shame

run away don't ever run away because your safe with me  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well this came to me at 2am in the morning i was thinking hard about a girl and a guy then it came to me story of love ...hope you like it

�� Elliot 06/24/2002

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