The Habitat-Rap

      G Day


We though it was just a regular day

My best friend and I headed to a new rave

Thats when everything was about to change

We though we were living in outter space

boom boom beats

we walked down the street it's about 12:30

some guy was driving throwing out all his money

I said to my friend yo this guy must be crazy

He looked at me and replied real hazy

any guy thats throwing out money like this

must be mad or phyically sick

We started to walk all through the town

picking up money that hit the ground

I ran so fast knocked down some old lady

I said yo bitch don't get so greedy

there's enough money to go through this town

she kicked me in my nuts and i went straight down

I got back up and grabbed her cane

I ran so fast i took it to the rave

we got to the door and the bouncer said

Just enough money to fit right in

We payed the cash and ran right through

trying to figure out what we were going to do

the music was playing and the beats were loud

we just stayed with the same old crowd

I got real hot and headed outside

standing on the corner with all my pride

I turned and look and guess who I saw

That elderly bitch wearing a push up bra

She looked at me and said were's my cane

I told her i left in the rave

She  ran right up to the bouncer that day

because she was old she didn't have to pay

she ran inside and confronted the dj

dam old lady got to play

she was mixing trying to be fly

thats when i knew she was really high

this is all i have to say

so before you judge someone you don't know

they just might be the one to prove you wrong

shocked arn't ya

G day

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