Tim To Chill Battle (NEW)

The Habitat-Rap

time to relax and chill/ i just set this battle onto kill/ so this kid better just stop rhyming and take the suicide pill/ Another wanna be freestyle/you got your game from watching 8 mile/posting in a chatroom because your lonely and you know the only way to get respect is to beat me enternity from what you learned from your childhood history/ here let me throw in the towl/ but before i do i'll invite you into the ring so i can watch you bleed on my cheap tims/ tie the shoe laces around your neck and watch you spin into manic depression/ i'll put you on zolof to ruin your intervections/

if you write with your left hand you use your right hemisphere if you write with your right hand you use your left hemisphere/what r u confused then i guess my therory is your a queer/sorry i had to tell you/ it's better to have me then your own psychological nerves/oh i better watch your on evelation it's takes this kid so long to answer battle cuz he sits in front of his computer masterbating with one hand and types with the other/i hate to say it but this kid jacks off to porno of his own mother/damn i'm getting kind of nasty/let me take a cheese grater to your face and spill blood all over you for a trophey/remember i challenged you/ you didn't challenge me haven;t you figured out yet/ your brain is as small as a pea/ shit little romeo has a better chance to beat me then you/.can you say little bow wow pow right in your mouth/ if you can get out of the limo then you got class but look out here comes the limo driver ready to pound ya in the ass/ Here are some stitches **###**### use it quick before i get all the riches and you get dick/ fuck this shit your nothing but i snitch you stupid bitch/snitches get stiches and if there bitches they get thrown in the ditches and eaten alive by the fishes/freestyle it's thats simple/your no challenge to me/Come On!!/I have better battle fights popping my own pimples in front of the mirror/ see i shoot pus all over the sink while i still wait for you to figure out your rhyme is going to be weak/come at me don't be afraid/ you can use the dictionary/ or maybe the abc 123 book/ you couldn't read that shit back in 5th grade it's only by dr suess/after i'm done with you/ your not going to have a clue/what to do think or even dream/I'm allready inside your head twisting you brain in nots looking for the intelegent spot/Just fucking worship me/PUSSY

OH HAIL E BOMB The master of destruction beware of the E BOMB SQAUD

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