Ups Eminem Parody

The Habitat-Rap

You know I just don't get it

Last year I was nobody

This year I'm collecting money

Now everybody wants me to make calls cuz they owe us something

Heh, you know what I want 10 million dollars?

Oh yeah ups

[Chorus One: Eminem]

You see I'm, just Elliot Bush

I'm just a regular guy,

I don't know why all the fuss about me (fuss about me)

Nobody ever gave me crap before,

all they did was shout out me

Now everybody wanna run they mouth

and try to throw lies at me (throw lies at me)


Yo, you might see me dialing you might see me calling

You might see me calling a non profit un organized owner who can't pay bills

hollerin at him cause the sob won't stop barkin

(grrrr, ARF ARF) Or Cleanin out a accnt that was cancld under suspesion

Drivin up the block in the car that was filled with 12 migets

Lookin for this guy because he won’t stop shipping,

Brown and yellow like they don't see what the big deal is

Double barrel box filled with crystals what do call it

Ticked off, cause they an’t calling and say that the shop owner just missed all this

Watchin all these cheap shippers  get rich off us

and get dollars that shoulda been ours like we switched wallets

And whats with all this box' poppin and double wrapped rerun

I had to sit back and just talk and they just get nauseous

and walk around with an empty box filled with invoices trying to stall us

startin confrentation like some media jerk screaming  (I’m not paying get off this ")

I'm anti-payment and my name is john spartin

with instincts to try to steal money  don't get me started

These stupid customers can't pay bills and they call us ! garbage

What's is this guy stupid? Gimme back my sixteen dollars you used for shipping

All I hear is sissies on! Phone laughing

Whatever happened to paying your bills and bein current?

Whatever happened to catchin a good-ol' fashioned

Brown and yellow truck in your naigborhood delivering packages

Ups delivers a lot of stuff ups makes it quick

And I can’t wait till see you in public our shipping you love it

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