Escape Or die Trying.

This is a strange situation you close your eyes and suddenly your in a dark room.You are chained to a wall and your only escape is to try and break free.You struggle and pull but the chain is to strong, so you look around and see the key to the lock that holds you prisoner.

You reach out but you can't grab the key it's to far away, you stretch out as far as you can until you pull a muscle in your back giving you aganizing pain.You give up and start panacing, your heart beats faster and faster the sweat drips in your eyes making it hard to see.

You might as well accept that fact your trapped like a rat. Suddenly the lights turn on and your relize you not alone.The lights turn off and you hear screaming and water dripping on the floor. You find yourself shuffling around trying to find the key and then find yourself surounded by water that is now dripping off your hands. As you attempt to stand up you foget your attached to a chain and run and slip and fall down smashing your skull on the solid rock cemented floor.

your laying completely flat on your face helpless when you notice a man in a black coat walks over and ask you a question. Do you want to escape alive or die trying? Your now shaking trembling in fear.He hold his hand out and in his hand is the key you have been reaching out for. He puts the key in your hand and you imediatly try to unlock the lock.

You then relize it doesn't fit and throw the key, the man yells you fool if you look at the wall and notcie the small door the key you threw was the key to open that door and inside is the key to end your chained up misery.

since you overreacted and your only option is to die trying suddenly he walks away. As your screaming the lights turn off you hear water running,the room begans to fill up with water.You happen to see the key floating and you quickly grab it and walk to the door and put in in the hole turning the knob,suddenly the lights turn on you see a bright flash you drop to the floor.Did you escape or Die trying.?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Think about it. what happen..

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