The Habitat-Rap

yo who the fuck is sick of this kid dilete87/

he brags about being religous /

when he don't read the bible so he an't going to heaven/

/i'll slit your throat just to see the devil

  my rhymes will burry you and i'll use the shovel

i'll rip your arms off and crack ya skull with um

burry you 6 feet under so you can have sex with your dead grandmotha

i'm going to close the casket and burry you alive/ i'm the undertaker and your not going to survive

i'll pull out the flame and ignight your name on the payment right where you died

i'll celebrate by pissing on your grave/ fuck up the tomb stone so it says dilete 87 is lame and got no fame/

you talk about i'm only 17 young to the rap game

veterans rookies i'll kill ya the same/

you may be  17 a roookie but i bet you seen more dicks then i've seen pussy

you talk like you the shit you listening to brintney spears and think christina agularas a hit

you just like dmx asking what's my name/ ovbiously no one likes you got your keeping asking the same dam question/

i'll murder you rawl and drive around in hurse carring your body cuz i filled it with dirt

i didn't imbalm you i want you to rott   i'll put you in the flame cremate you and turn you into pot

i bet your stupid ass friends will smoke you (then maybe not)

once again i'm going to step on your head as you laying in a pile of shit regreting what you did

i'm give you nightmares and tears you'll sleep with a nightlight cuz i brought back sodomy fears

i know you scared being 17 young to the streets but don't even think that you'll put this mc to defeat

they call me flame thrower cuz i like to play with fire a pyromaniac lights his close on fire just to get his pain back

and what dilete87 get on your hands and knees and pray

cuz you done that it you can go back to looking at all your friends in the showers dicks

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