The Habitat-Rap

i remember walking on the streets in this naighborhood

walking down now because i was misunderstood

Talking to the children but the children never listen

i give up now and it's all a whole new complication

listening to there stories but there stories are lies

Wanna go somewere were i can just cry

looking in the mirror but i never feel the same

because everyone in the world doesn't know my fucking name

and i'm sick and fucking tired of the stupid mother fucker

it;s rip your fucking throat out i do it all the time

tell me baby if you want to go out for a good time

i'll be there watching you on that treatment

then you thank everybody because the gave you speed

Damn and they got cought by the dean

tested and fested

brought down into a whole new complication

everyone in there home is always rearanging

constantly i want to go there

When you feel the distancer and the distance doesn't go far i know your trying to steal my car

as i am heading down the westside eastside north side doesn't matter what side your still going to die

talking to my face if your ready to go

busted out in distance and i'm ready and brining out the flow

telling to your friend and if they don't understand

I'm the one and i'm the rapping man

keep going now if you feel the distance

and you wanna get high look around the corner but don't be afraid to die

looking on the streets and the kids are all selling crack

look out now look how there stupid and becoming wack

sell it from a friend pretending to be playaz

never get down because i;m a fucking slaya

giving all the time keeping all the rhymes

busting everything at the same damn time

as i'm hearing this beat

and the beat keeps pumping jumping thumping

everybody kill it up

back in the day when i was going good

everybody in my world wanted to be understood

talking to the children but the children never talked back

right now mom gave him a backslap to the face

blood  on the floor

give it up now the bitch ran out the door

running from the undercover but they fucked up this mother fucker

but she doesn't give  a shit because she always in the brother hood

giving all the time

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