The Habitat-Rap

yo don't make fun of me /i'll make you on of my gory rap stories

yeah cause i'm crazy /when it comes with playing bodies

i don't make the crime seem boring

I'll make sure the rotted old carcus is burried under the kicthen sink

i leave one my figerprints next to decapetated heart and spleen

I'll leave the doors and the windows open so you can hear all of my victums cry in agony

I'm the texas chainsaw master and this is a true story

Like freddy Kruger I love playing with knives

Haunting teenagers dreams making them think there going to die

i wait until there mostly taking a shower

cause when you say you'll be back i get the power

you got the body i want your soul

so don't fall alseep i'm in control

1- i'm coming to rip you limb from limp

like micheal myers you can't kill him cause he;s a sin

2-I waiting to choke you with your own intestens

cause i am the fired burn man teaching you all lesson

3- i am like jason vorhees except i can swim

using my machette chopping up my victums to win

4- the sound you get when your hearing the screams

the laughter and turture of camp crystal lake pussies

cause no one as stupid can see the truth i'll be back thats old news

5 the way you think a 3 foot doll is coming to life

he gonna kill you with a fisher price knife

6  sense that you see cause your allready dead

all i see is dead people and they got no heads

7 the brad pit and samual L jackson

some scary ass shit leaving you to destraction

8 the feeling you get cause it's scarier then hell

leaving the canables chewing on a nose or an ear

9 the screams that are infested with maggots

eating away the flesh it;s a shocker and your in it

10 the things i hate about you feel the emotion

cause there going to kill you

1000 corpes on your deck

on is the granny but she got no neck


I won't go broke being a white guy\

my money doesn't go low

cause I don't need to get high

i don't need to spend it on hookers or hos

i'll spend it on minor things so my money can flow

you got no fame no power you life is a double lie' and your the coward

lay down shut your mouth let me close your eyes

you seen all messed up inside

then again your the one girl whop i seen that lives in cally

fornia to the expense your the vitum i'm the suspect.

going to jail for petty theft

you say your a true gansta

let me walk up to you punch you in the face fight me you pussies

you carrying your nines trying to survive

with out the nine you allready died.

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