We Die Broke

Junk Pile

intentionally contemptuous they rip us off

they pitched the music and watched us fall

down in the pit we won't relate to shit

as we give our earnings we die broke

The black market sells them cheap, relase our future we are freaks

buying selling just to survive the music industry watches us die

I am not your Bitch (Do nothing to me )

I am not so Rich (You just feed off our insecurity)

Our voices are filled with lies they say

We spend our money every day

Movie Videos Tv it sucks

We are told to not give a fuck

I die broke we die broke he died broke (We all die Broke)

Stop the victums they have to much to give

we need to stop inforcemnet ten

we die broke you die broke

We are all fucking broke

Do nothing Cut this rope

I die running trying to Cut this rope

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The music industry screws us everyday

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