Your Pathetic Life

I'm so cold and the world doesn't seem to keep me warm

the ants all die of starvation and there's no reason to turn

what has become this fragile mind is left with hurt that lays aside

the lights in the park are not on

and everything is just a mirage

trying to tease through this pathetic life

I don't understand

where I fell in love

when they fell inside

when I kept my pride

where they want to die

we're all buried all alone

where no one says a word

but it's written on your tombstone

no one seems to care

like I do

like I say

I'll miss this pathetic day

when the skin on our little fingers slowly peels away, everyone is in the same position wants to get away

from the hate

from the war

from their jobs

from the lies the government drills in our heads

we don't sleep

we just dream of things we can't have

but words are left unsaid

we don't get to speak

our shallow minds are told what to accept

what to buy

what to watch

and how to invest our money in get rich quick easily schemes

paying credit card debts that are insane

we are rich

we are poor

some are homeless

some just don't know

what falls beyond the dying of birds

get electrocuted by the tree that stays still

Soon ends up getting old and dies,

like the sun each night

but then will arise when the days are about to begin

The world spins

every single day a child is a born

some with futures already scheduled

and some who are born to fail

like a bird hatching from an egg right away jumps out of the nest and dies,

these are simple things you don't get

these are the things you never hear

this is a world you grew up to hate

a life you chose to live yes or no?

no this is a life you were told to live

your rights are being stripped from you

and you don't even realize it until it's to late

a war no one knows is being paid by your hard working money

a cause you think and thought was right

these are the lies you read everyday in the news

like when you turn on the TV and see breaking news alert terrorist plan attacks subways in New York get shutdown high security in airports

the funny thing is you call your friend on his cell phone and apparently nothing is happening

you go to sleep wondering

is this the last time you'll wake up Free


Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I just want to explain certian ideas in this poem, The birds electrocuted is explaining A (telephone Pole) and The Tombstone writing is (rest in Peace)

Like to hear your feed back..thanks

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