The Night

The Night

The night is dark and warm

your laying next to me as i hold you in my arms

the movies plays and on my lap you lay

i place the pillow underneath your head

as i hold you close to me

A night of darkness as we are laying in my bed

A vision of kisses are whats left in the air

as i am holding you close to me showing you i care

stearing in your eyes as tears drip

falling alseep to your sweet romantic kiss

Compassion Its all everlasting

The Desire you I admire

holding you in my arms

feeling the beats as my heart pumps away

I'm holding you close today

And we smile and we kiss

and we hold onto something that we have missed

Strong emotions

calling out in the air

being with eachother

and smiling because we care

I won't run away from you

i won't run away

I won't be scared

I won't cry

I will always be there smiling

when your here by myside

no matter how long your gone

I will love you because your mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Night alot of things happen in the night

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