Never Again

Junk Pile

Your distanced is quit as wrong

you feelings stand up along

but you don't know were to go

your finding places to see

your a victum of relaity

and you don't no were to go go go

my interjections this is my only confession

i broke your bones

i stayed in touch

i kicked your ass

did you have enough

i know your the fascist one for me

it's all inside my head to see

it's the anger the government it's boring me

i feel your control your losing

your stolen away you don't know were to run

you don't know what to say

these words that you scream at me just fade

i hear about your broken dreams

your stealing in your sleep

your trying to get away

intension starting to heat

i got your intervections this is your only election

your friends and politics can all fucken suck my dick

i don't need your attention your reveling  my expensives

and am going into dept

again and again i got this anger in my hand

pulling the plug trying to be like a man

again and again just again and again

i'm crazy i'm turchered i'm boring with lies

again and again this is my only escape

again and again your consoius i do hate

again and again

tell me one more thing apolo i do dream

cleanslyness will flow and politics will go

your wasting you time

your creating your lies

and all over this time it's done

your feeling inside me again and again

you can't have control of me again and again

never again will you become my sanity

Father your Politcs are nothing compared to sodomy

never again will they have the balls to make fun of me

never again will they reveal or try to hide from me

never again i'm losing my friend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Politics Suck.

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