Sk8er Chick

Junk Pile

I watched her skate down the street

with her blue hair down on cerely

she has a plan which i couldn't stand

she always found a way to make fun of me

She is the sk8er chick

yeah she is the one who can do all the tricks

No i'm not extreme and I don't think she likes me

but tonight I think i'll get her to notice me

Now I am the sk8er boy

I never skated at all

I got 20 pounds of saftey gear

I forgot to protect my rear if I fall

She Skated up to me and laughed

She told me to take off my saftey pads

I didn;t know why

So I did it and tried

A 360 and i messed up

Even though she hated me she still helped me

I stood up and she kissed me on the lips

All the pain went away

I never knew she had a crush on me

Now she is the sk8er chick that belongs to me

Yeah oh yeah Sk8er Chick

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Isn't it cool how you think a girl doesn't liek you and then out of know where your a couple falling in love from her first kiss>?

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