Kage Setting it down (R)

The Habitat-Rap

I'm Kage with alot of disturbing rage/

Welcome to the first stage called pain/

Enter my lyrics and try to take me down/

i'm rapping better then any other mc who i call clownz/

my rhymes are lethal and full of venom/ (I should of let them know)

yo i'm about slit your throat and put a hyperdermic needle in your mecca coat pocket/stick sharp objects through each one of your eye sockets/ so you can see the syrum when i pop it ( your eyes)

quick someone get this kid some bandaids/ that's not going to help a retarded sped./look how much pain is inside your head /your body is laying bloody on a shelve like a raped victum who was stabbed by 600 evil elves who got suicide attached to them/ I'll stand and watch the blood ooz out of your corps like a fountian and i'll never get sicken from it ( I love it)

then i'm going to freeze you and use you as my genocronic bitch

like the feeling when you get a disturbing twich in your eye

feel that your going to die/ Kage filled with class and never passed out from the hyproactive crack that i don't smoke/ So J2dAo-E when will you feel the need to feed/i'll bring you back from the dead like a zombie/

put you on the stage so you can spell out herectic and call Mommy/Watch out for the sniper you better pray you don't get hit in the brain/I created you and i make you live or die/I'll just make you Od so i can just sit back and get high

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