The Habitat-Rap

yo check it

This kid must of been hit in the head to many times/cause he has never heard a mc like this rhyme/I'm lethal to the fullest/your postal position should be set to modest/I'm Kage were's the stage/I'll rip out your rib cage and play fetch with your brains/it comes from your own organs that are  connecting from your vains to your brain for you to develop mental pain as you see my pet dog chewing your brain/leaving you lryicaly insane as you bleeding on the ground /Are your scared of Klownz?/Then how the fuck you expect to go to the circus and see the beardy lady eaten fried chicken while the little migets give you a good hard licking/I'll slaughter you worse then leather face/Were's my chainsaw i'm about to murder this kid rawl/you seen the six sense will this is my child's play in a thing called revent /I'm like chucky my murdering skillls can be quite funny/Hellraiser wouldn't even wanna battle you inside the firery hell pit/ Jason would take your head off and yell shit/How the fuck can i murder a Killa who looks like he was done by the director who created Thrilla/Zombies of the dead eaten your insides leaving you nowere to run nor hide/I got this horror flict wrapped around my fingers/My rhymes are like Tremors i pop here and i pop there/One minute i'm there next minute i'm here/spitting until your face turns green i'm big worm except i'm also the killer from Halloween/You jamie lee curtis always getting beat i'll leave you to get the last retreat/

Klownz Killaz

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Klownz Killaz

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