Freed (R)

The Habitat-Rap

yo you wanna battle me

i'm at the high level

Yo check it

yo this kids rhymes are a little hazy

i got a better chance fucking your mom

and the virgin marry

i never had the chance to stay up and wine

i have 100 reasons to make you wanna die

i want to tell you your rhymes are shitty

i might let you win this battle as a sign of fucking pitty

i'll have to flip a coin

because i don;t know weather your a girl or a boy

so i'll take out what ever i can

it's my rap lyric then again

battling this man

it's like i having an agumnet with a 3 year old

one who doesn;t know his abc;s and pisses in his pants

i'll slit your throat

and leave a suicide note

next to your Mecca coat

so i won;t get in trouble

hell i'll have the us government make me a rap double

so you won;t know were or when i'm there

remember lastnight

look at my fist it's a stran of your girlfriends hair

did you know she likes it in the back

not from you and not from me niether

your bitch told me fucking you is like fucking a child

i guess thats why she admires me so much

here is my digit's maybe we can keep in touch

then again i'll see your girlfriend at lunch

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just like messing around and see what i can come up with

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