Spring Break (Diss On MTV)

The Habitat-Rap

I guess I'm about to set off the fuse

look at all these hypocritical f*n parasites on the news

MTV what a joke

kick out the whole crew and destroy their notes.

spring break is so discriminal

you have to be a pretty boy or a f *in criminal

watching girls showing their asses

cause they can finally show their family and friends what they do when they don't go to classes

Uh, Oh I offended the college students

but how do the fuck do you expect to act when my lab partner is standing naked in a bowl of pudding!

You f*n maggots get off on this shit

How the hell is this nice girl suppose to live

Oh, wait don't you people call it "girls gone wild"

Then who the hell is the father of Jessicas child?

I'm not talking about showing tits

I'm talking about all the fathers who split

They can't except responsibility

well you shouldn't have pulled out your jimmy.

should have used a rubber

in your case a slimmy!

So now watcha gonna do

when she slaps the child support on your ass

Then your gonna realize you were better off in class.

Ok so I'm a hypodermic needle with a lethal injection

If you want the syrum then play close attention

Step one find yourself a victim

Step two make the kid cry

If that doesn't work then let him dye

Alright I'll stop the rhyming when 2-Pac stops selling records.

20000 CD's they say are wasting space on the shelf

but my shit should be there with one of those displays

then some little asshole can put marker on my messed up face.

I'll see the little asshole at one of my concerts

I'll walk up to him tattoo his face and say "ooh son, that had to hurt"

I don't have tattoos except the ones I draw

The mother tries to sue me but it doesn't get resolved

I'm being sued just like Eminem

We both got the same lawyers so bitch we always win.

Jarules making movies and they all suck

This man can't act or sell records so that makes him messed up.

I'll diss on any rapper and battle with anyone

But through out this whole experience, I consider this shit fun.

Okay, so I'm not done yet

Just writing this rhyme bought me a corvette

So, I drove and crashed it off a bridge

Screaming and yelling I don't want this shit.

Yo, fuck the rapp scene turn your head and spit

Fuck this shit I quit

Sike I'll be back

and better than ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spring Break is fun but it's also mesed up

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