"""You Can't Replace Me

temptation of decieving lies

stealing what was always mine

sailing away and forgetting

you will not fucking replace me

you will never see the things i see

throwing me away like i was washed up from the sea

you lie and think your so great

and your trying to take my place

it won't happen i won't let you do this

my blood boils faster

i'll talk with my fist

meet me face to face

and we shall see who is the bitch

you grew up to fast and now you think your all that

Fuck you fuck you fuck you and your tricks

I didn't use you like you said

you acted this way

hanging around making a scene

you will never replace me

No matter if i die

I will be the one to take u out

so suck on that you fucking worm!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

an ex bestfriend who is trying to replace me with my own brother..It won't happen

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