The Habitat-Rap

all right yo

a lyrical fortress doesn't want you to miss this

as i spit in the hive of the lonly dead mistress

your only survival is seeing the color red

hearing gun shots go by tells you your crew is allready dead

what are you going to do when you can't defeat me

i'll take on jenny jones and make you say you hate me

you decided to have sex with all of my friends

now your pregent and it's like your world is coming to an end

you can't hold back from what your told

you stand still for while so you don't unfold

shit I resent being called a joke

thats why i didn't feel guilty

when I slit your boyfriends throat

blood spills as fast as i kill

you say i am on drugs when i am straight

did you like your last meal

well that was your boyfriend on the plate

I chopped him up and served him to you

like a cannibal you don't know if it was really soup

see the spoon dip it in the pudding

tast good or does it taste bad

doesn't matter i made you eat your dad

I'll stich your mouth up

so you can't scream

I'll Jam jagged rusty razor blades in your eyes so you can't see

I'm crazy sick twisted mindless fuck up in society

when you fuck with me you can't get enough

turture and pain turture and pain

thats how i make fucking chickens know my name.

The shit is crazy and like a criminal i'm smooth and lazy

so before you think about fucking with me

Remember what Psycotic Really Means.

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