Want To Feel Alright (S.O.V.S)

There are times when I'm falling inside in the world that is holding on,

there are time in your mind where your feeling outside and your holding on so strong,


I don't need to walk away from this day,

I don't need to stand up in my place,
I just want to hold on another time,

i just want to see you laughing in your mind.


you don't have to have to wonder,
when your shoulders pulling all your doubt all the time,


you just need to run

you just need to run


because im pushing and i'm pulling,

and i'm going so far,

I got the signs of the middle,

and its' inside my heart,

i'm running everywere I can just to reach you tonight,

I can think about it now i'm feeling just fine.


wonders in the summer,

distant in the light,

pushing and pulling from your systems,

want to feel alright,

want to feel alright,


because every moment is a dream,

to see what you and i can be,


don't know questions don't ask why,

but i will always be by your side hey hey hey.


i wil be by yourside,

inside my mind i am feeling in my mind,

i'm always going to be by your side,


so i'm far and i go long,

this is why i write this song,

from my mind into your words,

i just want to say,

i'm never going to go away,

i'm never going to let you behind,

never ever going to say,

that i don't know why,

that i don't know why,


i am never going away no no no,

not tomorrow or today no no no,

i'm always going to be there waiting for you,

no matter what you do,

no matter what you say,

i am always going to be there for you,

always be there for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song about a very special person...S.O.V.S

listen to it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZI8XpeVy_s

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