What may happen tonight

I've been pushed around

I've been looking at the signs 

Everytime I got to get on by

wonder what I'm going to do next

alone right now and I lift my head

I tell her that I really care

and I don't know why 

I just can't help but stare.

when the sun comes out

 and the rain falls down 

the rainbow goes over the big white cloud

I don't know but she does this to me 

when the sun goes down

 and the clouds are gone 

and the light is shining

 from the stars above 

 I want to climb right up and take those stars and put them in your eyes.

just want to hold you tonight ohh oooh

now I know that your scared and I don't want you to be afraid to see me 


I know that we think about each other in our dreams 

and I know it's hard to find a new person 

to learn through but that's all the hurting that you grow up you learn from your mistakes 

so why don't we hold each other in our arms

let me take that heart and give it to some 

and I know your waiting too

everyone wants to be

everyone wants to believe

I know that's it true

so let me take those stars  up in the sky

let me pull them down 

and put them in your eyes

because u and possibly me

 you and me we shall see 

I know how I feel in time

it's time

 it's time

 to see what may happen tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I met a special person tonight

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