Not Wanted

Do you know how you feel,

Do you think about me,

Do you want to be with me,

Do you want to be set free.


Does your heart skip a beat when I'm around,

Do you cry or do you frown,

Do your feelings still exist,

Do you want me to disappear in the mist.


Do you enjoy your time with me,

Does your heart have room for me,

Do you cry when I'm gone,

Do you hear the same damn song.


I feel not wanted,

I feel alone,

I feel like you don't need me anymore. 


I am all that I can be,

Take me for who I am or just leave,

Put my heart that's remains broke in the history books,

Put the smile on my face when you get close,

Those feelings that I have for you wont ever change, 

I'm your man yes I'm your man and I wont ever fade..


I wont fade away,

I wont run,

I wont cry,

I'll stay strong for you yes


for you and I





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