Let's untie our shoelaces,

And pretend that we can fly,

Let's build a thousand memories 

just you and I

Those days of laughing hanging out have now become our past.

Let's take these scraps of wood and build something unique

A sword a tree house we'll call it make believe

Let's go out and ride our bikes until the street lights come on, 

Let's stop and get a bite to eat 

Until we hear our moms.

I can't forgot the sounds coming from our rooms

On the radio you and I just rocking out to tunes.

Then one day we all grew up and you where nowhere to be found

I went to all our favorite places 

But you were gone.

So as I grew up my life changed, 

I know longer had my childhood imagination 

It just drifted away. 

I asked the hardest question to myself 

I said self why did my childish self disappear 

With one word I spoke  Fear.

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