Your Addiction

Sleep slowly creeps up on you as your resting inside your darkest dreams,

 shallow images of your past present and future surround your body with fear.

Nothing you say or do will ever prevent you from moving as quickly as you want,

In this dream you are your own worst enemy,

You have the ability to modify it but you refuse to admit you have a curse and continue to take those pills you continue to let addiction haunt you, 

You want to keep all your pain, depression, hate, greed and madness bottled upside and make it go away by taking that pill that is slowly putting you to sleep.

That one simple solution is actually doing more harm then good.

Your nightmare is your reality, your previous escape from the everyday world.

Your dream is your life shaped like a jigsaw puzzle with infinity pieces. 

If you knew how to put it together you wouldn't need to feed on the addiction. 

You are strong enough to let it all out and continue to build the puzzle.

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