A mother's job

A mother takes such good care of her kids,

She sings them both to sleep at night,

Her voice so sweet and pure. 


She is very proud of both of them,

As they play in the snow with no gloves,

This mother doesn't yell, 

Only showers them with hugs.


She makes sure they believe in themselves,

Tells them she loves them very much,

She even makes them both a very special lunch,


At times she feels like she isn't good enough,

Even though she has done her best,

Selfies in the morning as she prepares for life's test.

Raising her beautiful kids is what she does best.

Beauty in the mirror laughter and the fun,

She is teaching her kids the morals 

Raising her 2 sons.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mother who does so much for her kids such an inspiring person. 

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