A sea of broken promises,

Lies are written in the sand

The shadows consume our innocence, 

Waiting to lose at hand  


An ocean full of memories,

Ashes remain untamed,

The fire that filled our hearts,

Was put out with gasoline.


A simple flash and you just fade away,

What you thought you had achieved,

Becomes your relationship you don't need.


So sharpen the pencil and more the fragile tears from your eyes ,

Let go of the pain and left the drama drift away from your mind,

Don't open the door when the shadows knocks one more time.


Just leave a friendly message title it unwanted,

If your hear to start drama Bitch I don't need that shit.


I am who I am sorry it's you don't like the facts,

I will never apologize for being me,

Take all your worries tie them up,

and let them drift out in the sea.


This Message in the bottle is from ME.






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