Can't we just get along

Beneath the darkness is a light,

A light that travels into a galaxy, 

That galaxy becomes a world, 

In that world a life is born,

A person is created,

Tiny little hands and toes,

What is the purpose,

Do we even really know,

Where to stay or what to call home,

Inside the mind created by time, 

We think we function we create destruction, 

We hate we love we push we shove,

The answers continue to haunt us,

The wrong continue to taunt us,

Who is right and who is wrong,

Does it really matter,

Can't we just love life,

Do I have to say twice,

Can't we just love life,

Without the drama or the fights,

Can't we just get along,

Like the words in this poem

Soaring higher in the world,

Until the thunder takes us home.


Elliot J Bush

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