Written by Elliot Bush.


I asked myself who's to blame

The answers comes without a name 

I'm breathing in and breathing out

Waiting for you to shut your mouth


Come find me

Come closer

Come guide me

Come take me away

There pulling on my arms and legs

Waiting for you to beg

Holding your head beneath the sand


They buried me

Come say your peace 

A simple stone

Where we use to meet

That one question still haunts me


I asked myself who's to blame

Who gave the orders

Where you had to beg

Its my fault 

I made the call


Inside my head I had to crawl

Just for answers inside myself 

This is my story

This is my time

A simple question 

Inside my eyes


Come find me

I am not lost

Come find me

I'm here inside your thoughts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just feeling very creative and this came to me

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