Millionair Media Rev

I had a very interesting dream lastnight very vivid, in this dream there was a place called Millionaire Media Rev, it was a place we're millionaires lived. In this place it was huge they had big houses a casino it was so in depth. I was trying to visit one of my friends but couldn't find his house after asking. Finally found it and the house was huge. Upon leaving I was in my car and you know in dreams how things are slow like u push on the breaks but car doesn't stop. Yea I hit a women's car it was a yellow chevy and we get out to exchange insurance she goes oh don't worry about it this is my crap car. So I checked under her car and popped out the dent her son gets out and says hey she has a ferrari no worries. So im driving and I end up in a line to a huge event turns out this was a millionaire party. Ultimately so crazy, probably too many post about the power ball. Tomorrow im buying 10.00 worth

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