Written By Elliot Bush


Breaking down these walls again,

putting up the barricades that trapped us inside out,

releasing us from the hurt we have been dealt,

lonely nights taught us stay calm tonight

we will eventually make it through


Times change everyday

sometimes we just have to say

I'm gonna make it 

yes I am

I'm gonna take this pain away


We deserve to be happy

We deserve to smile

We deserve to create these memories!!


 will never fade!!!


They only make us stronger

Memories These Sweet Memories

Will Never DIE!!!! 

Make us hold on longer


Things change everyday

Sometimes we just have to say

Were gonna make it

Were gonna make it!!!!!


So Take My hand and Follow me!!!

Together we will knock down these barricades

these barricades we can knock down these barricades!!!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what happens when you listen to The Used, Matchbook Romance,Story Of The Year and Secondhand Serenade..

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