In MY Bed

i want him in my bed  
i like the way his hands feel on me
i like the weight of his arms around me
i like the way he holds me when he kisses me.
i like the sound of his heart beating inside his chest when i lay my head on him.
i like the rhythm of his voice and laughter when he is laying with me.
i like the smell of him fresh and clean, skin so soft and hard in all the right places.
i like the way his manhood nestles between my cheeks, like it belongs there.

i love the way he moves inside me deep and slow.
i love the way he tastes me, nibbles me, devours me.
i love the way he looks at me when he is ready to explode inside of me.
i love the way he caresses me, letting me know how satisfied he is.
that is why i want him
In MY Bed


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