like the wind we rushed through the take your time chapter
understanding was mellow and
coming from the same place made it easy
to bring it real and tight
time spent was like a sweet melody
that we sang again and again
kisses filled with ecstasy
and the sweetness of  skin on skin
was to carnal to deny
sharing intimacies became the order of the day
like coming out of the dessert
we were thirsty and found flavor
tasting like manna in each other
words could not explain why it was so good so fast
it is what it is


too soon words were spoken that did not go down as smooth
and horns locked in a battle of who would back down first.
while they waited
the chapter that was left behind
the take your time looked smug and waiting
she wore his socks that she took the last day
he looked at her top hanging on the bedroom door
both missing and wondering about the future
of the good true thing


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