a young lady looked at me and said

"at your age

you aint still doin the nasty right?"

i said

"no i don't do the nasty anymore"

she smiled like i was missing something

what i did not say was...

at my age

we no longer do "the nasty"

we make

heart stopping

think you must be dyin

toe curling

ohh baby  

hands reaching out for things

that aint even there

release so hard

make my eye lashes hurt

body tingling all over

feel like i got

the best dope ever

running through my veins

and im sooo strung out


get hit off all night long


at my age

we have what you would call


we know exactly how to tease


how to please

we don't hurry along

hittin spots we heard about

or read about

we take our time

addressing every

nook and cranny

leaving nothing

untouched or unexplored

at my age

there is no need to impress each other

we are old enough to already know

what is pleasing to each other

at my age

we just enjoy each other

fully and completely


we take our time and do it sooooo right

so for all the mature people i say

the next time a young person

asks the question?

do not laugh at their lack of knowing

just smile and say

"no i don't do the nasty anymore"




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