Fatima from your land you refuse to escape

What can an old lady do in the midst of this War?

You haven’t yet forgotten the nightmares of the last War

The sound of bombs, the seen of destruction

Everyday counting who died and who survived

And Yet I hadn’t forgotten the sight of Sabar and Shateela

Here I am Mother

To the daily massacre I bear witness

Innocent children or elderly no difference

Attesting that our life is worthless

Stinging wounds caused by occupation and injustices  

Leaving our world more restless

With so many forms of resistance

Just like your resistance Mother !

You hold on to your Beloved to the last breath

For death you say! Let it Be

With all my strength I push you to leave

Imposing on you all my fears

You show me more resentfulness

You’re in the Midst of the War Mother

And Here I lay save and sound

With the War news around

I die hundred times

I feel I’ve lost all my colors

Frozen my dreams and hopes

I no longer can feel like falling down,

from the clouds with the drops of rain.

İn this War my heart is full of pain

Here I lay in my noisy silence

I have tighten my tongue

Afraid of what comes out

I burned my head from thinking

How good is seeking knowledge and degrees,

When it cannot make any difference

When I cannot put it in practice!

When it cannot save an innocent soul

Nor it can stop this crazy War

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to My Mother in Lebanon

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