Nothing New


Nothing new father, it is July again

The news we hear is full of pain

World leaders have gone insane

Entering a historical state of shame

With an extreme arrogance and ignorance

Fuelling more and more resistance

Nourishing an endless cycle of violence

There is nothing new father from six decades

But the cruel collective punishments

And the countless encroachment

of the real humanitarian relief

Awakening our prolonged grief

To restore our faith

And strengthen our belief


There is nothing new father

But more expansion of power,

the real agenda of fighting terror,

running short of convenient cover.

For the true lover

Fragile is that power

Constructed by popular liars

With rotten corrupted roots,

have no grace or fruits


In the heart of truth

Who needs direction to point their head?

No-one needs the entertaining speeches

The contradictions of today’s realism

And the illusions of today’s wisdom

When reality had spoken

The twisted language died

With all its’ phraseology

Disabled victims fighting War

Reviving a real terminology


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated for my fathers abdumoshin and Fahad

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