I Done Killed It

I Done Killed It ©

Kyla Bingham (circa August/September 2011 – Modified/Completed January 25, 2012)



Lemme flip the script while you read the fine print,

Don’t try to smash me when you can’t even make a dent.

I ain’t tryna cause no trouble or be the least bit subversive,

It’s just that I’m so smooth & pretty, I even write my numbers in cursive.

So stay inside your lane, and stay outta my mix

‘Fore you find yourself in wreck not even Pep Boys could fix.

Before you try and outwit me, best make sure your premiums are paid and you got literary P.I.P.

Though what would be the point? Your verbiage is flat-lined and has its own headstone marked, “may my expressions R.I.P.”

Please, now, you’re making a scene—ain’t no need to get all flustered and disheveled.

Ain’t no shame in just admitting that your lexicon ain’t on my level.

Go ahead, here’s my sleeve—wipe the snot and dry them tears—you’re embarrassing us both gettin’ all sentimental.

They say admission is the first step to healing, and you’ve just realized that to your verbal health, I’m detrimental.

It’d probably be in your best interest to retire your paper and your pencil.

Cuz your word credit score is so low, you couldn’t buy yourself a rhyme—hell, you can’t even get a rental.

But me? The way I chew ‘em up and spit ‘em out, my moniker is McDental.


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