My worst business travel.

My worst business travel.


Charly had been my best friend since I was in middle school, he was my best men in my wedding and I was his. It was an incredible friendship and our wives became best friends too. We hanged out in double dates every weekend and do different things to have a lot of fun and to spend time together as best friends. We had already travel to many places in the world and to the typical famous places like Europe, Disney, Cancun and Miami. Charly had a major in Communications and he was the owner of a very successful company called: Calcell. In other hand, I studied industrial engineering in the University of Ohio and I was running my father's business who retired a few years ago. My father's company was a manufacture factory and i needed to be traveling a lot in search of new suppliers and customers.  This was kind of bad for me because I loved to be with Charly .


It was mid September and I needed to leave for a business trip for 2 weeks to China, this was a lot of time of travel without Charly. When I came back home, I felt Stacy was acting very weird with me and I knew something had happened. I thought to myself that maybe he was just tired or I was hallucinating, or maybe that was what I wanted.  That night, we had plans to go having dinner with Charly and his wife to a very good seafood restaurant. In the dinner, I felt a vibe that was kind of different as last times with Charly, nobody was making jokes or talking about something interesting that happened in the week, we just sat there and eat the dinner. It was weird and i wasn't understanding what was happening or what will happen with this situation.


The next day I met up with Charly in that local restaurant that we love to go and eat. We have some Italian food and talk about business, football and life. He asked me about Stacy and how my father's company doing after the business travel. I notice that he was very strange, like he wanted to tell me something but doesn't wanted to. So i asked him:


“Is everything okay?”.


“Yes”, he said.


“Are you sure? I feel you are very weird”.  


That's when he started telling me everything. Seriously everything. He told me how he and my wife were having an affair but that it wasn't just for fun that he really loved her and that he was going to leave his wife because he didn't want to lie to her anymore. I supposed that Stacy was going to leave me also but I was in shock, I didn't imagine that something like this could happen. After all the experience we shared the 4 of us that they would end up cheating and lying all these years. I couldn't process it, i didn't know if i was angry, or sad or betrayed because the love of my life was leaving me for my best friend. I will never imagine that 2 weeks in the China will change everything and that my best friend is the person that ruined my love life.



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