Close my entrance

You choose to suffer and be crucified

for our souls to be without sin,

no matter how high our sins may be

as your sons you’ll forgive us

and open the gates to thee,

your name always in my beliefs,

ill now make my choice like you once did,

I too love things so much

ill give it all,

for I have adapted to many forms of love,


the person with words like a dictionary

always with a meaning,

not words to be read,

but to be understand,

I always said I am a man of respect,

all my words are meant,

so now I would make a choice

hopefully celestial father

you may come to understand,

I have a mind

which I still have not discovered its paths,

if for some reason you open my path,

want me to sit down by your side,

I will apologize

but I will reject your proposition,

ill welt the gates shut,

if I have to

i will create new sins

for I don’t want for you to forgive me,

a lost soul in this crazy world,

I would like to be,

does not mean I will sign a contract with satan,

I will refuse to be buried under mothers soil,

I would like to be a ghost

and travel through the world,

I have said as long as I am here

I will always be near,

so if I am gone

how can I dry your tears,

father I want to stay in the world,

for I have to take care of my own,

out of your gates ill escape,

dishonor your name,

for you simply say,

I will reject you as my son,

then toss me back to where I began my life,

I once so eagerly hoped to be by your side,

every day and night,

seemed to be my only wish,

now things have changed,

now my eyes are wide open,

so now I see,

I actually do have much to live for,

so father ill close your doors,

also in my world

I have angels and wonders as in your home!


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