No need to dream

As acid

running within the tunnels of my body,

weak, mind so low,

it knocks on satans doors,

heart seeming to sell me the beats

and I am not

in a recession but depression,

so not the greatest sensation,

the salted fluids that run throw my forehead

when my body is in a high temperature

seems to flare out of my eyes,

for instants run slowly,

then rapidly fall

like your favorite roller coaster,

instead of letters forming

to created words of verbal usage,

simply a sound,

as a wounded puppy

asking for its mothers aid,

all combined for a lesson

which forever would live in my head,

struggles and pain make my mind insane,

as I surpass them becoming a better man,

pain lets you know you are still alive,

pain pain please go away,

come back another day,

so it converts to another form,

the sweet and caring words,

so glad for at the moment  

they have replace the ache and depression,

as the mind goes insane,

that crave of causing damage

where ever I make my way,

simply speak out my mind to your ears,

and I resolved my crave,

best thing that ever had happen to me,

after I saw my mothers face

for the first time,

appreciate the words to ease my mind,

for my eyes get and extra push,

no more do I member of my past

only of my future,

give my the strength to walk

from my south central a lovely hood

to the tip of Antarctica and back,

motivates me to lift the Eiffel tower,

statue of liberty and the golden bridge

all at once,

replacing my need for pain

to learn things which would be brand new,

with caring words,

even thought this are hard times,

our conversations

make everything seem alright,

without having to blur my mind,

fly high,

not even close my eyes at night


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